qSCALE I2Configure Instead of Programming

qSCALE I2Configure Instead of Programming

qSCALE I2Configure Instead of Programming

(NL/5936438137) Hirschmann Mobile Machine Control Solutions (MCS) is setting new standards in the field of safe load indication. In the new qSCALE I2 concept, the company is making available its expertise on complex high-end solutions for low-end applications as well. The concept enables efficient, future-proof control SLI solutions that meet the present and future requirements of small and medium-sized telescopic cranes.

What makes the qSCALE I2 from Hirschmann MCS so special: an easy-to-use configuration tool eliminates the need for labor-intensive software development. An intuitive graphical user interface supports the crane operator, thus making mistakes even more unlikely. The qSCALE I2 can be used to enhance safety anywhere in the world: it complies with all relevant regulations around the globe.

In addition, the innovative product is available at an attractive price and offers a host of other benefits as well:
* Highly accurate load measurement to make fuller use of permitted loads close to the limits
* High quality and reliability, thus reducing maintenance and repair costs
* The qSCALE I2 configuration tool is available in a service, basic, or expert package to meet different requirements.

For those interested in learning more, Hirschmann MCS will be presenting the qSCALE I2 live at bauma 2013: at Booth 205 in Hall A5.

Company Profile
Hirschmann Mobile Machine Control Solutions (MCS) is a business unit of Hirschmann Automation
and Control GmbH, a company of the U.S.-based Belden Inc. Group.
Hirschmann MCS is the world market leader in safe load indication systems for telescopic and
lattice-boom cranes and the system provider of innovative mobile automation platforms for all
applications involving rough environmental conditions. The company is setting new standards in
meeting safety requirements and in the product categories of sensors, controllers, consoles, and
software for mobile machines and applications across all industries.
Hirschmann MCS produces and sells product and system solutions for manufacturers of mobile
machines and equpiment. It has 130 employees in Ettlingen, Germany and another 20 in
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania (in the United States), and 300 staff work at a joint venture in
Xuzhou, China and a sales office in Shanghai.

Yardena Hemmann

Hirschmann Automation and Control GmbH
Hirschmann Mobile Machine Control Solutions
Hertzstrasse 32 – 34
76275 Ettlingen

Phone: 49 (0)7243 709-3131
Fax: 49 (0)7243 709-3129
e-Mail: Yardena.Hemmann@belden.com

Hirschmann Automation and Control GmbH – Hirschmann Mobile Machine Control Solutions
Yardena Hemmann
Hertzstraße 32 – 34
76275 Ettlingen
49 (0)7243 709-3131

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