May.Life interview with Singer Chaz Robinson

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May.Life interview with Singer Chaz Robinson


www.May.Life – Chaz Robinson Singer-Songwriter, dancer, model, actor and professional jump roper Chaz Robinson, born December 20, 1989 in Indianapolis, IN. Chaz has sung since the age of 3 and has won over $10,000 at numerous competitions.

He has appeared on numerous TV shows:

– MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew, Season 5


– The Ellen DeGeneres Show, American

– Shake It Up, Disney Channel, American

– La Grande Cabaret du Monde, France

– Broadway’s Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy

He has also worked with SYTYCD’s Emmy Award-Winning hip-hop choreographers, Tabitha & Napoleon D’Umo.

Chaz, winning numerous National and World titles, has taught Jump Rope on a National and Worldwide scale, teaching thousands of jump ropers at hundreds of workshops during his, continued, 15 years of being a professional and competitive jump roper.

Over his career he received a lot. He was pleased working with Nike, VISA, Coca Cola, P&G, Hoosier Lottery, the US Army, and various others. He had the privilege of performing with gospel recording artist, Sandi Patty.

Chaz“s debut single, „Upside“ was in rotation on nearly 200 radio station in the US and Canada.

In 2013 he was the lead vocalist in Cedar Point’s Luminosity.
In 2014 was Super Swing at Universal Studios Japan. He, during his 17-month contract, has performed in 10 different shows!

On the Official Grammy Ballot for Best Pop Solo Performance in 2015 Chaz garnered two nods. Chaz is signed to Spectra Records.

„Upside“ was featured on ESPNU’s, UNITE. It has been played over 15,000 times on in-house radio stations in Italy!

“Love Will Come Back Again“ has been
downloaded over 500,000 times worldwide.

For all fans that have been waiting for the new album to be released in Summer 2015. This is Chaz“s first full-length album.

www.May.Life team wish Chaz good luck with his new album, success in his career and happiness. Keep Chasing Your Dreams!

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