Drakenwake – from junk science to holy science

new ebook on junk science and its transformation to holy science

Drakenwake - from junk science to holy science

(NL/7234885040) western science is on a wrong path … it is leading towards a dead end. here is why and what u can do
to change the downward course of our scientific community. a path towards real science in
the 21st century is shown based on forgotten facts and incredible new insights.

drakenwake – from junk science to holy science – is a new ebook-release by ginsterkater.com
it shows the rotten state of todays lobbyist driven junk science. the book is based on a real scientific research project in life sciences. the ebook covers topics as medical science, psychology, electromagnetic
radiation, electromagnetic hypersensitivity, human health, preventive medicine, nutrition,
quantum consciousness, mind body medicine, physics, life sciences, genetics, phuture technologies.
it draws from first hand experience at a well known german research facility. the reader is provided
with easy to understand knowledge presented in a lucid way with lots of illustrations and artworks.
it is referenced and spans a wide range of subjects … from basics in physiology and laser medicine to nutrition and mental health. other fields of research such as history, language and visual arts as well as
cosmology are covered. it is meant to inspire laymen and young researchers as well.

the author has worked several years at the RWTH. he was a postdoctoral fellow at german exzellenzinitiative and worked in a multidisciplinary team in the field of acceptance research, electromagnetic radiation, medical science and psychology. here are conclusions based on original data, published results as well as unpublished. the author has a degree in medical science and worked full time at a private homeopathic clinic in belgium before he started as a postdoc in science.

Andreas Tuengler
Vaalser Str. 143
52074 Aken – Aachen – Aix-la-Chapelle (Federal Republic of Germany)

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