twitter here and twitter there – ancient russian fairy tale release

ebook release of an ancient russian fairy tale in english

twitter here and twitter there - ancient russian fairy tale release

(NL/8017686806) nothing is mirroring human behaviour better than ancient tales
of wisdom. now u can access an ancient long forgotten russian
fairy tale depicting current developments in society in a mind-blowing way

with the advent of fall as people gather fruits of their deeds actions
there is more and more rememberance of ancient wisdom. the quickest
and easiest way to access those ancient truth is thru stories told
by wise people. in times of old grandmothers and grandpas transmitted
those fairytales. parents used to read books aloud after their children
went to bed ready to be transported to realms of fairy queens, dragons
and mighty heroines and heroes. as society is more and more stressed
and overworked with burnout rather the rule than normality there is a
renaissance of those traditions. in line with this is the new release of
an ancient russian fairy tale. it is available thruout the promotion period
free of charge under

the authors third release in a series of books in regard to human health
and well-being is a modern translation of an ancient russian fairy tale.
the text is modernized and in simple english with comments both in english
and german language. the book is richly illustrated and easy to read for anyone.
more books from the author are available on the publishers website:

Andreas Tuengler
Vaalser Str. 143
52074 Aken – Aachen – Aix-la-Chapelle (Federal Republic of Germany)

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